Now that the wings are bolted on (hopefully for good), it's time to get back to wiring. I admit that all the new wire bundles in the fuselage had given me a bit of option paralysis, so I figured I'd just get one thing working and see where things went from there.

As it turns out, my Vertical Power VP-X load planning was not as thorough as it should have been, and now I have to reconfigure the settings to combine several low-draw consumers on a single pin to make room for a few devices that I had either forgotten initially or we acquired later.

One bit in particular I had missed in the planning was the requirement for each AeroLED landing light to be connected to a separate pin in order to achieve the wig-wag functionality. Well, suffice to say I made some room on the bus and the above video documents the results of "wig-wag test #1." Enjoy.